2018 Festival Highlights

First, in case you missed any of the concerts on Friday or Saturday, here are LINKS to the video shot by
our amazing sponsor,

"Topaz: Prisoners in Their Homeland" - l10.tv/oyv


"Great Basin Blues (And How to Beat Them)"   l10.tv/5yd


 "Native America Speaks (Who Will Listen With the Heart?)"   l10.tv/kzp


"The Outlaw Trail (It’s Not Where You Think)"   l10.tv/nb9


 "Claim Your Territory – Utah Terra Stories Vol. 1"  l10.tv/i1n


"Claim Your Territory – Utah Terra Stories Vol. 2"   l10.tv/ao1


"Snake Valley Water Fight (David vs. Goliath)"   l10.tv/t64


"Tales of the Old Spanish Trail (Why Does It Go Through Utah?)"   l10.tv/24c

Nino Reyos - Headliner Storyteller & Flute Player
Sam Payne - Headliner Storyteller/Singer
Clive Romney entertained at Educational Outreach assemblies along with our other "headliner" storytellers.
Ken Verdoia and Sam Payne regaled the entire school with stories of pioneers in early Utah history.
The "Old-Time Fiddlers" entertained between concerts -- lively foot-tapping FUN!
Joe Hickey brought a formidable collection of vintage rifles and told the stories behind them; some used by notorious ourlaws!
We were treated to several authentic Native American dances and songs during the "Native America Speaks" concert!
Authentic heritage dancing was demonstrated by Folk Dance Utah -- period costumes and traditional music added to the fun!
Here are our two friends from the Territorial Statehouse Museum; Carl Aldrich getting some TV time on Big Buddha's show on Fox13,
and Carl Camp giving a VIP Tour of the Museum.
Two of the more than two dozen students who competed at the 1st Annual Student Storytelling Contest.
Our Educational Outreach Assemblies reached over 2,200 students in schools all over Fillmore, Delta, and Snake Valley.
Exhibits added to the atmosphere, telling of Utah's heritage through art, photography, crafts, weaving, doll-making, and more!

We hope you'll make plans to JOIN US in 2019 for more storytelling through the entertainment arts!